Our most frequently asked questions.

Why are Xfinity and Hippo teaming up?

We teamed up to bring Xfinity customers the very best in home insurance, from coverage to savings. Together with Hippo we can save customers up to 25% on their home insurance premiums while giving them greater protection and added peace of mind.

We call it smart home insurance and it gives you modern insurance coverage provided by Hippo along with special discounts for being an Xfinity Home customer or if you have other Xfinity services.

How does Xfinity help me save on my home insurance?

Hippo offers discounts to its customers, based on its modern policy framework and process. On top of these discounts, Xfinity customers are entitled to a special "affinity" discount to help save even more.

Additionally, Xfinity Home customers, get additional smart home discounts for having certain home safety devices installed with your system. For example, if you have Xfinity Home security system and monitored smoke detectors, you get additional discounts - since these devices can help lower the risks that typically lead to insurance claims - like theft and fire.

How is Hippo’s insurance coverage different from other policies?

While most home insurance providers offer some level of financial protection against losses due to disasters, theft and accidents - they leave clients underinsured and lack coverage in the areas modern homeowners need it most.

With Hippo, you get additional coverage three ways:

  • First, Policies provided by Hippo include equipment breakdown coverage on the covered equipment that run your home to help you protect against unexpected repair and replacement costs. It covers appliances like heating and air conditioning, hot water heater, washer/dryer, kitchen appliances, computers and more.
  • Second, all policies provided by Hippo also include service line protection covering your sewer and electrical lines running from your home to the street.
  • And third, Hippo has modernized its core coverage to meet the needs of today’s homeowner. For example, Policies provided by Hippo offer four times more coverage for home office equipment, electronics and connected devices than competitors; provides coverage for domestic workers; and include water backup protection.

I’ve never heard of Hippo. How do I know they’re financially secure?

Policies provided by Hippo are underwritten by A-rated insurers and backed by the largest reinsurers in the world with nearly 300 years in business and $200 billion assets.

Can I switch to a Hippo policy if my home is already insured?

Of course! Hippo has made finding new home insurance easier, faster and up to 25% cheaper to purchase. You can obtain a quote in as little as 60 seconds online or call us at 1-877-577-7242 and purchase a policy in just a few more minutes.

Regardless of when you signed up with your current insurer, you don’t have to wait until your contract is up or next policy renewal period before switching to Hippo.

Hippo will take care of all the cancellation details, including the paperwork and refund coordination. No need to slog through hours of paperwork. Just sign-up and start saving – Hippo will take care of the rest.

What advantages do I get as an Xfinity customer?

Xfinity customers are eligible for two types of special rate discounts from Hippo. One for being an Xfinity customer and another based on the type of monitored home safety devices you have. So, the more safety devices that you have connected with your Xfinity Home system (e.g. monitored theft, smoke/fire detection and water leak detection), the greater your Hippo discount.

Who is providing me with insurance? Xfinity or Hippo?

One of Hippo’s "A"-rated carriers will insure your home. Hippo is an agent for these carriers and will provide you with a copy of your home insurance policy and handle all aspects of servicing your policy. If you ever have a claim, Hippo will provide you with top-notch claims concierge support to help ensure the safety of your home and efficiently handle your claim. As the insurance agent, Hippo would be very pleased to answer any questions you may have about the coverage available through Hippo and your specific insurance needs. You may also wish to consider consulting with your own insurance agent.

Who do I call if I have a claim or question about my insurance policy?

All insurance questions and services, including claims and payments are handled directly by Hippo’s Austin, Texas-based customer service team.

Hippo’s claims concierge team is designed with its customer’s needs in mind. Should you ever have a claim, you’ll work with a single point of contact throughout the entire claims process, who will be available to you 24/7 and update you on all advancements in real-time – your own personal claims concierge. Hippo understands that the events leading to a claim can be very unsettling and they provide an empathic ear during the process, while doing everything they can to make the claims process as stress-free as possible.

Does Hippo home insurance affect my Comcast bill?

Nothing changes with your Xfinity service. Your monthly charges and billing statement for your Xfinity Home and other Xfinity services remain the same.

Do I pay Comcast or Hippo for my annual insurance premium?

Hippo will bill you directly for your home insurance, based on the information you provide during the quoting process. You will have separate bills for your insurance coverage and your Xfinity services.

What happens if I cancel my Xfinity or Xfinity Home service?

If you cancel some or all of your Xfinity services, your insurance policy with Hippo will remain in force. However, you may lose some or all of your Xfinity discounts after cancelling Xfinity services, which could result in an increase in your home insurance premiums.

If you cancel all your Xfinity services after you purchase a Hippo policy, you will lose all Xfinity related discounts. If you cancel your Xfinity Home service but keep other Xfinity services such as internet or TV, you may lose one or more discounts for monitored safety devices such as theft or smoke detectors, but you will continue to receive an affinity Xfinity customer discount.

If you cancel your Hippo policy, your Xfinity services will not be affected.

Can Hippo provide me with auto insurance too?

Hippo does not currently offer auto insurance.