What you don’t know about home insurance is putting you at risk

At Hippo, our goal of reinventing home owners insurance has involved asking a lot of questions, conducting a boatload of research and doing no shortage of learning. Along the way, we took steps to survey thousands of Californian homeowners in order to understand how much they know about home insurance, exactly what kinds of needs, wants, and expectations they have in connection to their insurance, and to learn a whole lot more.

To say the results of our survey were surprising would be an understatement. So surprised were we by some of the findings that we put together this infographic to share our discoveries.
no_research_01-100Net net: The large majority of homeowners are under-informed and often misguided about the contents and coverages in their home insurance. Which is no small deal when you consider the big assets (their homes) that folks rely on home insurance to protect.

We hope you’ll take a few moments to see what we’ve learned. And then to ask whether your insurance truly contains the protections you believe it does.

Infographic here.

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