Homeowners Insurance: What Ohio Residents Need to Know

Ohio guide for home insurance.

For Americans in Ohio and beyond, a home is likely the largest single purchase we’ll make in our lifetime. That cost, coupled with a its significance in our lives, makes it all the more important to protect a home and the property within in. Homeowners insurance can provide that protection.

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Top 10 States for Happy Homeowners

Does your home make homeowners happy or sad? See where your state ranks.

Most of us don’t think about our insurance policies too often. That likely won’t be a topic of discussion at your next summer party. But knowing what kind of coverage other homeowners have — and whether they’re satisfied with their providers

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Hippo Expands to Ohio

Hippo Insurance is now available in Ohio. 

We’ve been hard at work to expand into Ohio, offering its nearly 11.6 million residents smart home coverage for their houses and condos, this month. And, I’m excited to say that today we crossed the finish line.

I’d love to say that the Cincinnati Zoo’s famous little hippo,

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