Planning vs. Panic: What to Do Before and After a Hurricane

Don’t panic, plan for what could lie ahead.

Every year in the United States from about June through November, Atlantic and eastern Pacific coasts brace themselves for “hurricane season,” preparing to either evacuate or hunker down and wait it out. When a hurricane begins to build over the ocean, a flurry of preparations begin ashore.

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Guide to Alabama Homeowners Insurance

Guide to finding the best home insurance in Alabama.

Whether you consider it a necessary protection or a lender requirement, every homeowner needs insurance. Standard policies provide coverage for dwellings, liability and personal property as well as additional living expenses if a disaster makes your home uninhabitable. Covered perils vary, but typically include incidents

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Guide to Texas Homeowners Insurance

What to know before buying a home insurance policy in Texas.

Every homeowner needs insurance, but the kind of coverage you need may vary depending on different factors, like the age of your home and where it’s located. The standard homeowners insurance policy protects your dwelling, personal property and additional structures on your land. Covered

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