Guide to Alabama Homeowners Insurance

Guide to finding the best home insurance in Alabama.

Whether you consider it a necessary protection or a lender requirement, every homeowner needs insurance. Standard policies provide coverage for dwellings, liability and personal property as well as additional living expenses if a disaster makes your home uninhabitable. Covered perils vary, but typically include incidents

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Homeowners Insurance: What Ohio Residents Need to Know

Ohio guide for home insurance.

For Americans in Ohio and beyond, a home is likely the largest single purchase we’ll make in our lifetime. That cost, coupled with a its significance in our lives, makes it all the more important to protect a home and the property within in. Homeowners insurance can provide that protection.

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The Hippo 500: We’re racing our way into Indiana

Hippo races to IN.

On your mark, get set, buy affordable homeowners insurance! That might not be exactly how they start the Indy 500, but now it could be. Today, Hippo has crossed the finish line, and any of the 1.9 million Indiana homeowners can apply for our home and condo insurance. As far as

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Guide to California Homeowners Insurance

Guide to California home insurance.

California may seem like the center of fun and sun, but homeowners in the Golden State can’t be so carefree. In addition to being the most wildfire-prone state, California has a property crime rate that’s rising in certain cities. There are many reasons why California residents should purchase a

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Guide to Texas Homeowners Insurance

What to know before buying a home insurance policy in Texas.

Every homeowner needs insurance, but the kind of coverage you need may vary depending on different factors, like the age of your home and where it’s located. The standard homeowners insurance policy protects your dwelling, personal property and additional structures on your land. Covered

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Fires, Earthquakes and Floods: Oh My! Supplemental Insurance Needs in California


What supplemental coverage should all Californians consider?

As the most populous state in the nation, it’s no surprise that California is the country’s largest insurance market. Compared to the average annual cost of homeowners insurance nationwide ($1,288), premiums in the Golden State are less expensive, costing the average homeowner about $1,041 a year

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