Are Starter Homes a Nonstarter?

Starter home? Or skip straight to a forever home?

Thinking about buying your first home? For a long time, Americans would follow the same pattern: save up, buy a one- or possibly two-bedroom house, build equity in that home by making consistent, timely mortgage payments for five to seven years, then sell that house for

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Hippo Offers the Trifecta of Home Insurance Coverage

How can Hippo Insurance help real estate agents?

We regularly hear from real estate agents who are searching high and low for the dream home their clients have always wanted. As quickly as possible. The faster an agent can close a home, the sooner they can move on to the next one and then the

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5 Signs You’re Ready to Buy Your First Home

first home

Deciding to purchase a home is the most important financial decision of a lifetime for many people. That’s why it’s something some folks put off or avoid entirely. Perhaps financial instability and debt prevented you from buying a house in the past. But if you’re considering homeownership now, here are five signs you’re ready.


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