Hippo Rolls Out a New Look

Hippo’s new look is just the first step in our latest evolution.

You may have noticed that there is a different look and feel here at Hippo. We’re excited about the changes and and know you will be too when we share the reasons behind the update.

It’s because of our incredible customers and the significant growth they’ve helped us achieve over the past couple of years. Since we launched our home insurance product to California residents in 2017, we’ve expanded to provide home insurance for residents in 17 states (and more to come), totaling over 50% of the U.S. homeowner population and growing the number of customers by more than 25% month over month. We’ve also built our team to include more than 80 new members.

During this growth, our clients have confirmed for us what makes us unique and assured us that it’s worth sharing.

Our new look is meant to better highlight the values we provide – things like automated processes that lead to greater premium savings, modernized coverage to protect the things you own today and taking a preventative approach to home insurance – like supplying our customers with smart home devices for their homes.

We’re changing our look and feel across everything we do, so it will take a little time to update all the moving parts. While things may look a little inconsistent during this period, know that we’re all very excited here at Hippo and would love any feedback you have on our the new look and style.

And though the face of Hippo is changing, our philosophy stays the same: Our commitment to our customers remains the cornerstone of what we do. Pushing ourselves to provide a product that exceeds your expectations and match it with a similar level of exceptional customer service continues to be our constant focus.

So thank you. We value your input and look forward to continuing our relationship.


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