Hippo Offers the Trifecta of Home Insurance Coverage

How can Hippo Insurance help real estate agents?

We regularly hear from real estate agents who are searching high and low for the dream home their clients have always wanted. As quickly as possible. The faster an agent can close a home, the sooner they can move on to the next one and then the next one. And so on.

If you’re a real estate agent, you know that part of expediting the purchase includes making sure your clients have their paperwork in order – including the home insurance coverage that is a usual requirement of the loan process.

How can Hippo Insurance help?

Hippo Insurance offers modern home insurance coverage that includes safety, savings and speed, the trifecta. Plus, our policies are underwritten by the largest insurance partners on the planet, making policies relevant AND secure.

  1.     Safety

Hippo not only provides safe and secure coverage of the structures and possessions part of your client’s home in today’s world. We take it one step further and cover those things that could cause some of the biggest headaches, such as:

  • Equipment breakdown coverage – like when the A/C unit collapses after multiple days of stifling summer heat. Hippo also covers things like swimming pool pumps and solar panels.
  • Service line protection – the gap that traditional policies leave open for coverage of service lines from the house to the street where the municipal lines are. Most people don’t even think about this until the water main springs a leak, turning the lawn into a rice paddy.
  • Water backup coverage – there’s already enough to worry about with, um, septic or sewage backup.
  1.     Savings

Hippo includes modern coverage but got rid of all the inefficient processes and outdated provisions that have been part of the home insurance industry for a long time. This means lower premiums, letting your customers save up to 25% on homeowners’ insurance.

So that new laptop? It’s covered. As is the rest of your client’s home office equipment. Since Hippo figured out a smarter way to provide home insurance for today’s households, we can offer up to four times more coverage for home electronics and office equipment.

  1.     Speed

You might be thinking that such great coverage with such great savings is complicated for your client to set up. Nope. Getting a quote from Hippo takes as little as 60 seconds. We thought of everything: We pre-fill information on the questionnaire that can take days to find (who knows the distance to the nearest fire hydrant? Hippo does); we got rid of the jargon and complicated language so your client can actually understand and answer the questions; and, we save all their information so they can pick up where they leave off if need be.


Bonus, a fourth reason: Your client can sign up for a policy in less than three minutes. Or, contact our customer service and let us help with the details of switching your client’s current policy.

Clients win. You win. Everybody’s happy.

And share the link to this handy Homeowners Insurance Buyers Guide with your clients. Everybody’s happier.
If you have questions or want to talk further about how we can support you and your clients, feel free to contact us at support@myhippo.com or 1-800-886-0318. We are here Monday – Friday, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT.

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