Hippo Bites a Georgia Peach

Taking a bite out of the underinsurance issue in GA.

Georgia has come a long way since its 1732 founding. At that time it was the center of the “New South” and birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement. Now, Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola and Delta — along with 4.3 million homeowners — call the Empire State of the South home. From the rolling hills of its northern region through the peach orchards of the state’s midsection to the beautiful beaches down south, Georgia offers a diverse array of lifestyles and activities. 

Of course, that diverse landscape also impacts the state’s weather patterns. Georgia is the seventh rainiest state in the U.S., leaving homeowners susceptible to floods and roof leaks. Hurricanes, windstorms and wildfires plague the Peach State as well. In 2016, Georgia took the third spot for highest number of lightning loss claims. In 2017, it experienced the second highest number of tornadoes (131), but the most tornado-linked fatalities of any state (16). Also in 2017, Georgia ranked fourth out of all states for number of fires (3,929) and ranked tenth for highest incidence of identity theft complaints.

If there’s one thing Georgians need, it’s comprehensive and affordable homeowners insurance. Luckily, there are plenty of sources to choose from. According to the Insurance Information Institute, there are 23 property and casualty insurers operating in the state. As of today, Hippo is one of those companies. 

Our policies provide the traditional property and liability coverage you (and your mortgage lender) require, in addition to protections modern homeowners need. Think home office, liability and domestic worker coverage. We also include coverage our competitors tend to leave out, so you’ll have a safety net in case your appliances malfunction or your sewage lines get disconnected. Plus, all Hippo clients can rest assured knowing that coverage is based on the replacement cost of their home rather than their property’s market value.

When we were first developing our modern policies, we noticed our competitors weren’t adapting to today’s customer needs. By partnering with key technology companies to improve our underwriting and communication, we keep our customers homes safer from harm. We also provide new customers with smart home devices that predict and notify homeowners about problems before they can spread.

And while other insurtech companies use AI to cut corners, we have found a way to marry technology with human empathy and compassion. When you file a claim, the concierge representative you speak with on day one remains your point of contact throughout the entire process. During major events, we’ll even call and warn our homeowners when their property and assets are in danger.

Even with extensive coverage and a standout claims process, Hippo policies manage to come in at a competitive price. By replacing outdated aspects of typical policies like pewter and crypts with more modern needs, we help homeowners save an average of 25% on their premiums — even in Georgia, where the average insurance premium is just below the American average and way below that of its southern neighbors. That means a savings of more than $288 every year! Think of all the Falcons, Braves and Hawks tickets you could buy with that. 

Those savings apply statewide — from the urban centers of Atlanta and Savannah through university towns like Athens and Druid Hills to the beaches of Tybee Island and St. Simons Island. So if you live anywhere in Georgia, check out our website. Better yet, give us a call. Our team can answer any questions you may have about Georgia homeowners insurance, help you prepare for a major weather event and provide a quote for coverage that fits your needs. We bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number. 

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