The Hippo 500: We’re racing our way into Indiana

Hippo races to IN.

On your mark, get set, buy affordable homeowners insurance! That might not be exactly how they start the Indy 500, but now it could be. Today, Hippo has crossed the finish line, and any of the 1.9 million Indiana homeowners can apply for our home and condo insurance. As far as I see it, Hippo and Hoosiers are a match made in homeowner heaven. Indiana — known as the Crossroads of America — may be beautiful and fruitful, but it’s also vulnerable to a number of perils.

Today, Hippo has crossed the finish line, and any of the 1.9 million Indiana homeowners can apply for our home and condo insurance. Click To Tweet

There were 24 declared disasters in the state of Indiana between May 1990 and September 2004. Extreme weather has only gotten worse across the state in the last few decades. In 2016, there was more than $6 billion in covered property and casualty losses. Just last year, the Indiana Museum created an exhibit to show visitors just how detrimental disasters can be.

As is the case across the U.S., flooding is the most widespread and significant natural hazard in Indiana. Major flooding occurs almost every year, usually as a result of streams and lakes overflowing or dams and levees breaking. The FEMA National Flood Insurance Plan can provide help, but you should still have a standard policy in place.

The next most common weather event in the state, tornadoes, are usually covered under standard policies. And they’re pretty common. Indiana ranks seventh in the nation for tornado frequency and homes in the state are at much greater risk for tornado damage than others throughout America. The deadliest tornado in United States history, which struck ground back in 1925, is known as the “Tri-State Tornado.” The funnel ripped through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, killing 695. Along with tornadoes, straight-line winds present another serious danger. Both can happen at any time of year, day or night. A good insurance policy offers some peace of mind among all that unpredictability.

Idiosyncrasies in Indiana’s geography and geology also make it vulnerable to another terrifying natural event: earthquakes. From December 1811 through March 1812, Indiana experienced the biggest series of earthquakes in the continental U.S. (known as the Great New Madrid Earthquakes). About 200 smaller tremors are still reported within the New Madrid Seismic Zone every year. Several of these strike within or along Indiana’s borders.  

Though famously harsh Midwestern winters have always meant snow and ice, blizzards have become more frequent — and more severe — in recent years. Droughts and extreme heat also persist year after year. Natural events aren’t the only thing Indiana homeowners should be wary of, though. A recent WalletHub study found that Indiana is the tenth worst state for identity theft and fraud.

All of these hazards (plus a requirement from mortgage lenders) mean every home-owning Hoosier needs adequate insurance. Proactive providers like Hippo can be especially helpful. We cover cyberbullying and reputational harm online, along with the usual problems of identity theft. Air conditioner break down from a bad heatwave? Our appliance and major systems coverage will take care of it. Since frozen pipes can cause service line trouble and water backup, we’ll have your back there, too.  

It doesn’t hurt that Hippo also offers four times more coverage than our competitors for items like computers and electronic equipment if something goes wrong. And all Hippo policyholders can rest assured that their coverage is based on the replacement cost of their home rather than their property’s market value.

Plus, despite our modern approach to insurance, our claims concierge team is entirely human. All claims start and end with one point of contact, someone who will do whatever they can to ensure homeowners receive the support and empathy they need. We also provide new policyholders with tools like water leak detectors to help them avoid costly damage. During major events, we’ll even call and warn our homeowners when their property and assets are in danger.  

Even with the impressive coverage and an incredible claims team, Hippo policies manage to come in at a competitive price. By replacing outdated aspects of typical policies like pewter and crypts with more modern needs, we help homeowners save an average of 25% on their premiums. Even in Indiana, where the average insurance premium is nearly $100 less than the American average, that means a savings of more than $245 every year! That’s a lot of corn.

Those savings apply statewide — from the urban centers of Indianapolis and Fort Wayne through university towns like West Lafayette and South Bend to the farmland in Merom and Patriot. So if you live anywhere in Indiana, give us a shout. Our customer relations team can help you prepare for a major weather event, answer your burning homeowners insurance questions and provide a quote for coverage that fits your needs. Plus, I’d love to make some Indiana friends before the next big race!


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