Another Year of Hippo in the Books


End of year, wrap and reflections.

2017 was infamously the costliest year on record for natural disasters. However, between the Mendocino and Carr Fires, Hurricanes Florence and Michael and Subtropical Storm Alberto, I predict 2018 may just take the title. While we at Hippo have been watching traditional insurance companies keep up

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Hippo Learns All About “Minnesota Nice”

Nice! We’re live in Minnesota.

Living in California, I thought I knew nice. But the rumors are true: “Minnesota nice” is in a whole different category. We suspect it’s part of the reason that so many people born in Minnesota stay in Minnesota. Inspired by the state’s most famous feature, we’re bringing smart, affordable homeowners

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Hippo Shows the ‘Show Me State’ Affordable Homeowners Insurance

Hippo is now available in the show me state.

Missouri was the site of more than 1,000 Civil War battles. It also served as the eastern base for the iconic (yet surprisingly short-lived) Pony Express mail service. Mark Twain, Maya Angelou and Harry S. Truman all started out in the “Show Me State.” That

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The Hippo 500: We’re racing our way into Indiana

Hippo races to IN.

On your mark, get set, buy affordable homeowners insurance! That might not be exactly how they start the Indy 500, but now it could be. Today, Hippo has crossed the finish line, and any of the 1.9 million Indiana homeowners can apply for our home and condo insurance. As far as

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Bright Lights, Big Hippo: We’re Expanding into Nevada


Betting big on Nevada.

What’s that sound? No, it’s not wedding bells from a Vegas chapel. It’s Hippo extending home and condo insurance to nearly 685,000 homeowners across the state of Nevada. While preparing to enter the marketplace, we learned what residents already know: The state offers much more than wild nights and epic

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Hippo Makes New Friends in the Badger State

Wisconsin joins the Hippo family!

Hippos are notorious for being hungry and this time, we’re expanding into “America’s Dairyland” to get our hands on some of the nation’s best cheese – and to provide home and condo insurance to the 1,806,000 homeowners across the state of Wisconsin. Although the Badger State has some of the

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Bringing Hippo Insurance to the Mason-Dixon

Hippo launches home and condo insurance in Maryland.

Knowing “The Star Spangled Banner” was about to hit every radio station on July 4th, particularly across the state it was written, in Maryland – we pushed ourselves to expand our home and condo offering to the 6 million residents living on the Mason-Dixon Line before Independence

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Hippo Moves South, Covering Mississippi and Alabama

We’re excited to offer home and condo insurance in Mississippi and Alabama.

Hippo is excited to bring home and condo insurance to the 7.9 million residents of Alabama and Mississippi. Starting today, homeowners from Birmingham to Biloxi will have access to affordable, modern and comprehensive coverage.

Less than two weeks after the start of hurricane …

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Hippo Insurance, Singing Our Way Through Tennessee

Hippo is now live, and rocking, in Tennessee!

Tennessee is well-known for its musical roots (from Elvis Presley to Taylor Swift). I’ve always loved visiting Nashville and over the last couple of years, I’ve seen the city double down on both music and real estate.

With more than 6.7 million residents, Tennessee has one of

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Hippo Expands to Ohio

Hippo Insurance is now available in Ohio. 

We’ve been hard at work to expand into Ohio, offering its nearly 11.6 million residents smart home coverage for their houses and condos, this month. And, I’m excited to say that today we crossed the finish line.

I’d love to say that the Cincinnati Zoo’s famous little hippo,

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