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Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar panels: Energy efficient or a money pit?

Got home improvement projects on the brain? Now that the seasons are changing, you might be inspired to install some solar panels. Depending on where you live, you could potentially save more than $10,000 by adding solar panels to your home.

The cost of solar panels

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Top 10 States for Happy Homeowners

Does your home make homeowners happy or sad? See where your state ranks.

Most of us don’t think about our insurance policies too often. That likely won’t be a topic of discussion at your next summer party. But knowing what kind of coverage other homeowners have — and whether they’re satisfied with their providers

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Ask Hippo: Does Homeowners Insurance Cover College Accommodations?

Sending your child off to school? Here’s where your home insurance policy can help.

Homeowners insurance policies protect the personal possessions in your home as well as the structure of the home itself. But what happens when you take your personal belongings out of your home? Are they still covered by your insurance plan?


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The Deductible Debate: How Much Should You Pay Upfront for a Claim?

How to narrow down your home insurance deductible to best fit your home and budget

When it comes to insurance, the word deductible comes up a lot. This is the amount that policyholders agree to pay out of pocket before their insurance kicks in. The deductible is subtracted (aka deducted) from their claim payment. Most

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Prepare, Don’t Repair: How to Avoid the Most Expensive Home Fixes

Preparing for seasons and fixes will save you $ and time in the future

If you think buying a home is expensive, just wait until you own one. A lot of unexpected costs come up, including expenses tied to home maintenance. One thing is for sure: The more effort you put into caring for your

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Bringing Hippo Insurance to the Mason-Dixon

Hippo launches home and condo insurance in Maryland.

Knowing “The Star Spangled Banner” was about to hit every radio station on July 4th, particularly across the state it was written, in Maryland – we pushed ourselves to expand our home and condo offering to the 6 million residents living on the Mason-Dixon Line before Independence

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The Ultimate Summer Party Checklist

Summer party planning can be daunting, without a proper checklist

The summer season brings more than road trips and beach days. It’s the perfect time to arrange a backyard barbecue, themed picnic, or holiday party with family and friends. After all, there’s Memorial Day, Father’s Day, graduations, the Fourth of July, birthdays, and Labor Day

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Ask Hippo: Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Fallen Trees?

Ask a Hippo, for all your homeowner’s needs.

Depending on the situation, standard homeowners insurance policies may cover damage caused by fallen trees. Before you file a claim, it’s best to look over your policy. To get a basic idea of what’s covered and what not when it comes to fallen trees, check out our

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10 Summer Reads to Help you Reach your Financial Goals


Get ahead on your financial goals, with some smart summer reads.

Chick lit and murder mysteries make great beach reads, but who’s to say we can’t brush up on money matters while we soak up the sun? After all, every time of year is the right time to learn financial responsibility. To help, we’ve curated

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Hippo Moves South, Covering Mississippi and Alabama

We’re excited to offer home and condo insurance in Mississippi and Alabama.

Hippo is excited to bring home and condo insurance to the 7.9 million residents of Alabama and Mississippi. Starting today, homeowners from Birmingham to Biloxi will have access to affordable, modern and comprehensive coverage.

Less than two weeks after the start of hurricane …

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