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From Silicon Valley to the Deserts of Arizona —Hippo Migrates Southwest

Despite its reputation for enjoying the water holes, you might find a Hippo or two in the desert after today. We’re officially announcing the launch of our second market, Arizona!

Since our initial California launch back in April, we have been rapidly scaling our operations to meet demand. Hippo has big plans—nationwide, in fact—and we …

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And now for a brief interlude about insurance ratings (you’ll want to read this!)

5 Star Rating

Ratings. We seem to rely on them for just about everything. From restaurants and TV shows to hotels and vibrating back massagers, we rarely make consumer decisions nowadays without doing at least some cursory product research beforehand.

Yet somehow, this doesn’t seem to be the case with insurance. Even though insurance providers are rated just …

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What you don’t know about home insurance is putting you at risk

At Hippo, our goal of reinventing home owners insurance has involved asking a lot of questions, conducting a boatload of research and doing no shortage of learning. Along the way, we took steps to survey thousands of Californian homeowners in order to understand how much they know about home insurance, exactly what kinds of needs, …

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How home insurance fails thousands of households each year

Let’s start with some brash honesty. By cocktail party standards, home insurance ranks somewhere between garden fertilizer and dental hygiene for conversational excitement. But that’s only true until you need it.

For most of us, our home is our largest purchase and shelters our prized possessions. But a home is more than that. It’s our …

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